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Substance use disorder is spreading worldwide like an epidemic. According to a report of 2014, in the US alone there were over 70% of people who participated in a drug rehab program. And sadly, this number is increasing rapidly every year since then. Becoming more aware of drug abuse is one of the best methods to keep away from addiction. However, drug detoxification is the best way to achieve the initial stages of sobriety for addicts. Each of these drug detox methods has its own potentials and drawbacks that we shall be discussing below.

Cold Turkey Drug Detox

It is a natural drug detox process that includes the drug addict undergoing acute withdrawal within a private setting without or with a little assistance. However, there are very little chances for this type of detox to break the acute withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, experts do not recommend cold turkey detox method for drug recovery, especially for the long term and strong drug abusers.

Specialized Drug Detox Center

You can find many specialized drug detox centers in your town that offer inpatient rehab that lasts for up to 2 weeks. You will first have to get an initial evaluation done by a medical specialist who has a clinical license and specializes in treating addictions. This will be beneficial in figuring out the detox plan that will best suit your individual situation. The plan may last for a duration of 2 weeks or more or may end up just within a few days. Normally, these drug detox centers adjoin various other therapies and counseling sessions to make the entire drug rehab program successful. These include individual and group counseling, music and art treatment therapies, yoga and meditation therapies that will relax your body, mind, and soul.

Medical Detox

This is quite like a specialized detox center but includes a medical component with it. These consist of on-site nursing staff, a team of medical specialists who can monitor your detox with prescription medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms of detox. Moreover, in a medical detox facility, you are under observation 24 hours. You are also given the prescription medication timely by the supervising staff so that the acute withdrawal symptoms are reduced or eliminated completely.

Medical detox is best suited for individuals who have relapsed various times after attempting to detox. As a result of the multiple detox attempts, the withdrawal can be pretty severe and last for a longer period. Medical detox can be helpful in such cases, as the medical supervision and prescription medicine can address these issues and make the recovery process easy.

Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is a relatively new type of drug detox method that is also a kind of medical-detox procedure. However, in this, you will undergo withdrawal symptoms under a medically induced coma. In this process, various medications that facilitate acute withdrawal are induced into your body when you are unconscious. This way, the process of acute withdrawal speeds up and you will not feel the discomfort and pain of withdrawal.

Because it is a relatively new drug detox method, you must consult with your prime physician before talking to a detox specialist.

A specialized or medical detox is the best option when considering a drug detox facility. This is because not only are these methods are safe as well as help in maintaining sobriety in the long run.