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Welcome to Surf City Recovery

Surf City Recovery is a private treatment facility which provides Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Programming and Outpatient Programming. We know from personal experience that you can truly live a better life and we are here to assist you in a safe, knowledgeable positive environment. At Surf City recovery, we understand that substance abuse is generally a symptom of unresolved issues and pain in an individual’s life. We believe it is crucial to address this root cause, not just the presenting symptoms for lasting treatment success. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with an all bases covered approach to your treatment goals. Substance abuse is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. From start to finish Surf City Recovery staff is here to assist you and give you the tools for achieving the alcohol and drug free life you want and deserve.

SCR’s Key Elements

SCR treats the whole person. Abuse and addictive behaviors are manifestations of emotional, physical and/or psychological issues as these issues lead to the destructive behavior. Our program will provide an alternative to self-medicating with alcohol or drugs by working through an individual’s particular issues and personal experiences, we provide awareness, reassurance and coping tools. which effectively eliminates the need for our client’s previously sought unhealthy relief. Our client’s resolve their deeper issues and achieve a sober life in an outpatient treatment facility. We believe sobriety is a journey that needs the guidance of our committed team of licensed psychologists and health professionals in a comfortable, more exclusive setting. The outpatient environment is an important element in focusing on a person as an individual and fostering effective coping mechanisms for real-life temptations.