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What is Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides each patient with a transition from a highly structured inpatient program to one of shared responsibility. This type of program is commonly called a “day program” or “PHP”. A PHP involves several important treatment aspects like:

  • Counseling – You will revive proper counseling that will help you uncover the core issues that fuel your drug or alcohol addiction. Our counselors are highly trained and educated and offer a wealth of experience. They can relate to your thoughts, experience and feelings and help you overcome anything that is standing in the way of your freedom from addiction.
  • Education – You will also learn important life skills to help make your sober living more successful post treatment. You will learn about identifying triggers and preventing relapse. You will also learn about the effects addiction has on you and your loved ones. The more you learn about addiction and your self-destructive behaviors and thoughts, the more you will make more sense of it and avoid it in the future.
  • Family Program – Just as you need support and help, so does your family. We will help them learn how to support you during your recovery without enabling you. They will learn when to help and when they need to step back. This type of support involves family counseling sessions/groups and family education.
  • Aftercare – An aftercare program will provide continued support for you and your family after you have left our facility. Long-term support is shown to decrease relapse rates and increase sobriety success rates.

When you are facing addiction and know it is time to make a change, consider Surf City Recovery for drug rehab in Orange County.

What Programs and Amenities Will I Have Access to While in the PHP?

Our PHP for drug or alcohol addiction provides most of the same components as our full-time inpatient treatment program. Those components include:

  • Group sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Education
  • Family programs
  • Aftercare program

As a member of our PHP, you can continue to participate in all program activities from morning to evening, five days a week. You also gain the added benefit of living off-campus at home or in a sober-living transitional facility. During this special phase of your treatment you will learn new ways to overcome the roadblocks and obstacles of daily life that trigger relapse. You will also continue to receive the support and direction of our trusted treatment team.

Do You Offer an Aftercare Program?

Surf City Recovery does offer an effective aftercare program. This program is a comprehensive 24/7 recovery support program that features:

  • Behavioral Health Technician (BHT)-guided sessions
  • Small group interaction
  • Early detection of relapse behavior
  • Intense accountability
  • Monitoring

We are happy to provide you with two online group sessions per week that last an hour or more and consist of trusted friends from your rehabilitation period. This will offer you rehab continuity and a far more gentle immersion into the daily life you face in the “real world”. If you are interested in our outpatient and aftercare programs, please contact the team at Surf City Recovery today for more information.