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So your son or daughter has finally decided to go to a drug rehab center and get a recovery treatment for their addiction. Well, that’s a great thing as a willingness to get rid of the drug is the most important step that will help in the recovery process. However, choosing the right drug rehab program is also as much important. Here, are a few questions that you should keep in mind.

  • Where is the drug rehab facility located in your town?
  • Which rehab method should you go with?
  • What time the treatment would last?
  • How much is the cost involved in rehab?
  • What is the success rate of the treatment?

In this article, we shall discuss these things in detail so that you choose the most appropriate one.


Every drug rehab program offered at drug rehab centers is voluntary. The doors of the facility have no locks. That means that the addict will not be forced to stay in the rehab center. The individual may leave anytime he/she wishes to. The success of the treatment will be determined by the determination of the drug addict. It is always advisable to keep the person away from the location from where he/she have been using drugs.


You must always select a drug recovery treatment method that will not end up until the addict completely recovers from his/her addiction. You shouldn’t go with a drug rehab program that will get the patient away from one drug and get him addicted to other prescription drugs.


Well, no one can precisely say that it would take a particular time span for the treatment to last. It varies from person to person. Generally, a drug rehab program lasts for 28 days. But, an individual may take a longer time to recover or may recover earlier. It completely depends on the needs and requirements of the individual. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a drug rehab program that has no set time span. Also, make sure that the cost per week remains the same until the program lasts.


There is no free drug rehab program. These rehab programs are quite expensive. There are some rehab facilities that do not charge from the patients. But, the charitable foundations or the taxpayers usually pay for them. When you select a program for your child, you must always compare the costs quoted by different facilities and then make a choice.

Success Rate

Most of the factors mentioned above including the location, the time span of the treatment, and the kind of treatment employed in the program will contribute to the success or failure of the drug rehab program. Therefore, it is always better to get some professional advice and also check out for the various offering at the facility.

All of the above-mentioned tips will help you in selecting the right drug rehab program for your loved one.