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Are detox programs effective?

Since addiction affects brain function and behavior, it is a complex but treatable disease. The brain’s function and structure is altered due to drug use resulting in changes that continue long after the use of drugs has stopped. Many experts believe that this is why relapse occurs even after long periods of abstinence from drug use. There is no “one size fits all” approach to substance treatment. Success of detox often depends on matching interventions, treatment settings, and services to the problems and needs of an individual in order to assist them in returning to their family, workplace, and society as a functioning member.

Since substance abuse causes the individual to be uncertain about entering treatment, the moment an individual is ready to enter treatment it is critical that services are readily available. The quicker treatment is offered in the treatment process, the greater chance a positive outcome will occur.

How does detox work?

The first step in any drug treatment program is detoxification. This is the unpleasant process which allows the body to slowly rid itself of a particular drug while managing the symptoms of withdrawal such as shaking and convulsions. Detoxification can be a painful and unpleasant time in a drug addict’s life and should not be done without medical supervision. Detox alone is not enough to cure someone from a drug addiction and should be followed up with intensive behavioral-based therapy, medication, and supervision.

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How long does it take my body to detox?

Withdrawal symptoms can occur after long-term drug use. The length of time for withdrawal symptoms to occur varies with the length of use and the type of drug. For example, physical symptoms for heroin withdrawal include restlessness, pain in muscles and bones, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, and cold flashes that can last for several days. But, symptoms like depression or dsyphoria can last for many weeks. The physical symptoms of many drugs can be treated with medications, but the mental treatment for possible side effects is not the same and should not be confused.

Drug addiction is a complex, chronic brain disease where the user actively seeks out the drug, sometimes to the detriment of relationships, a job, or even their life. Devastating life consequences persist in the face of drug and alcohol use. Addiction and prolonged drug use results largely from the changes in the brain that stem from the effects of the drug.

While these symptoms are dire, there is hope. Drug addiction is treatable when combined with drugs and behavioral therapies.

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