Are detox programs effective?

Since addiction affects brain function and behavior, it is a complex but treatable disease. The brain’s function and structure is altered due to drug use resulting in changes that continue long after the use of drugs has stopped. Many experts believe that this is why relapse occurs even after long periods of abstinence from drug use. There is no “one size fits all” approach to substance treatment. Success of detox in Orange County often depends on matching interventions, treatment settings, and services to the problems and needs of an individual in order to assist them in returning to their family, workplace, and society as a functioning member.

Since substance abuse causes the individual to be uncertain about entering treatment, the moment an individual is ready to enter treatment it is critical that services are readily available. The quicker treatment is offered in the treatment process, the greater chance a positive outcome will occur.

Treatment cannot just focus on an individual’s substance use, but must include any associated psychological, medical, vocational, social, and legal problems. Age, gender, ethnicity, and culture must also be considered during treatment.

The type and degree of a patient’s substance use is another consideration in effective treatment. According to research, most people who are addicted need at least 3 months in a treatment setting to stop drug use. The longer the duration of a treatment for a drug addict, the better the outcome. Drug addiction recovery is not a quick process and frequently requires treatment over a long time.The most commonly used forms of drug and alcohol abuse treatments include behavioral therapies. As with individual unique needs, behavioral therapies vary in their approach and focus and may involve a patient’s motivation to remain sober, incentives for abstinence, skill building for resisting the temptations of drug use, focusing on activities that replace drug use, improving problem-solving skills, and working on better interpersonal relationships. Group therapy sessions and peer support programs after treatment can also help the addict to maintain sobriety.

When combined with counseling and other effective behavioral therapies, medications can become an important element to any effective treatment. Methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine help individuals addicted to heroin and other opioids. Naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprostae are approved medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Many prescribed drugs are an effective component when combined with a behavioral treatment program.

Continual assessment and modification of an individual’s treatment plan, along with services rendered, ensure that the changing needs of a patient are being met. There are many combinations of services and treatments offered during treatment and recovery. Counseling or psychotherapy, medication, family therapy, vocational rehabilitation, parenting instruction, social services, and legal services are just a few of the areas of treatment given to a patient to ensure the success of their rehabilitation. The intensity of each service will vary depending on the individual’s immediate needs.Assessment for mental illness should be addressed due to the mental disorder of drug abuse and addiction. Medications and therapy should be used in conjunction with other treatments when a patient is diagnosed with an underlying mental illness.

The first stage of addiction treatment detox in Orange County is medically assisted detoxification, but detoxification by itself does little to help patients change long-term drug abuse. Management of the physical symptoms that withdrawal can render can begin the successful road to long-term addiction treatment. However, detoxification alone will not help the addicted individual seeking long-term abstinence. Drug treatment following alcohol drug detox in Orange County should be encouraged to the patient. Incentive strategies and motivational enhancements can improve treatment success in patients.Lapses during treatment do occur, so drug use during treatment should be monitored closely. If a patient knows that their drug use is being monitored, this knowledge can motivate a patient to withstand the urge to use drugs. Monitoring also gives caregivers an early indication to drug use, signaling a patient’s need to adjust treatment plans.

Finally, an effective detox in Orange County program should test for infection diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis. It should also target risk-reduction counseling that often come with drug-related behaviors. By targeting these risks and counseling those who are engaging in these behaviors, patients can reduce or avoid substance-related activities and other high-risk behaviors that may lead to relapses in drug abuse.

How does detox work?

The first step in any drug treatment program is detoxification. This is the unpleasant process which allows the body to slowly rid itself of a particular drug while managing the symptoms of withdrawal such as shaking and convulsions. Detoxification can be a painful and unpleasant time in a drug addict’s life and should not be done without medical supervision. Detox alone is not enough to cure someone from a drug addiction and should be followed up with intensive behavioral-based therapy, medication, and supervision.

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How long does it take my body to detox?

Withdrawal symptoms can occur after long-term drug use. The length of time for withdrawal symptoms to occur varies with the length of use and the type of drug. For example, physical symptoms for heroin withdrawal include restlessness, pain in muscles and bones, diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia, and cold flashes that can last for several days. But, symptoms like depression or dsyphoria can last for many weeks. The physical symptoms of many drugs can be treated with medications, but the mental treatment for possible side effects is not the same and should not be confused.

Drug addiction is a complex, chronic brain disease where the user actively seeks out the drug, sometimes to the detriment of relationships, a job, or even their life. Devastating life consequences persist in the face of drug and alcohol use. Addiction and prolonged drug use results largely from the changes in the brain that stem from the effects of the drug.

While these symptoms are dire, there is hope. Drug addiction is treatable when combined with drugs and behavioral therapies.

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