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Rich Seidel

Rich Seidel (CEO)

Hi my name is Rich Seidel and I am the founder and owner of Surf City Recovery. Our mission statement is “To Inspire the Courage to Change” our motto is “Constant thoughts of others, and how we can help them meet their needs” and our Vision is to “Create Healthy Lifestyles”.

We live Life at Surf City Recovery, were more than just an addiction treatment recovery center we are a “LIVING LIFE CENTER”.

Andrew Thomlinson

Andrew Thomlinson (Case Manager)

My name is Andrew Thomlinson. I’m a case manager here at Surf City Recovery. I have been skateboarding my whole life, I love guitar and I just learned to play chess.  I’ve been through multiple treatment centers, multiple times, not ever fully grasping the force of my addictions. Through Surf City Recovery I’ve been able to grow into a new person with a completely new perspective on life. I hope to get the chance to help you or your loves ones discover how powerful this place is!

Jack Chamberlin

Jack Chamberlin (Behavioral Health Technician)

Hi, my name is Jack Chambers. I’m a Behavioral Health Technician and Volunteer House Manager at Surf City Recovery. Volunteering with the staff and clients at Surf City Recovery has truly changed my life. It is a blessing to be a part of the beginning of so many individuals’ new lives. We always try to Inspire the Courage to Change at Surf City Recovery.