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Rich Seidel

Rich Seidel (CEO)

Hi my name is Rich Seidel and I am the founder and owner of Surf City Recovery. Our mission statement is “To Inspire the Courage to Change” our motto is “Constant thoughts of others, and how we can help them meet their needs” and our Vision is to “Create Healthy Lifestyles”.

We live Life at Surf City Recovery, were more than just an addiction treatment recovery center we are a “LIVING LIFE CENTER”.

Tracey R. Jaksch (Case Manager)

Tracey R. Jaksch (Senior Operations Executive)

Tracey R. Jaksch is a distinguished Senior Operations Executive with extensive experience in healthcare operations management, particularly within the realm of substance use disorder treatment. With a career spanning over three decades, Tracey has demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic vision, and a steadfast commitment to service excellence across various roles in the healthcare industry.

Proudly her journey in healthcare operations has been marked by pivotal roles at several leading organizations focused on substance use and mental health treatment. Her tenure at these organizations showcases her dedication to improving service delivery and operational efficiency in facilities that cater to individuals struggling with substance use disorders.

Stefanie Cagampan (Clinical Director)

Stefanie Cagampan, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a bachelor’s degree in social work, serves as the Clinical Director at Surf City Recovery. With over twenty years of deep engagement in addiction treatment and mental health care, Stefanie specializes in EMDR therapy—an advanced approach that has proven exceptionally effective in treating substance use disorders alongside complex trauma and PTSD. Her commitment to addiction recovery is demonstrated through her innovative treatment strategies that have transformed the lives of those often deemed too challenging for conventional therapies. Her clientele includes a diverse array of individuals from veterans to high-functioning professionals such as CEOs, doctors, and lawyers, many of whom have found renewed hope and recovery under her care. At Surf City Recovery, Stefanie continues to leverage her vast experience to help clients navigate their journeys to recovery, offering them the tools to achieve lasting sobriety and mental health resilience.

Andrew Thomlinson (Program Director)

Andrew Thomlinson (Program Director)

Andrew Thomlinson is the Program Director at Surf City Recovery. With four years of dedicated experience in the field of substance use disorders, he has developed a deep understanding and expertise in supporting individuals on their journey to recovery. Having been through multiple treatment centers himself, he understands firsthand the challenges and struggles associated with addiction. It wasn’t until he found Surf City Recovery that he was able to truly grasp the force of his addictions and grow into a person with a completely new perspective on life.

His goal is to provide a compassionate and non-judgmental environment where clients feel empowered to overcome their challenges. He hopes to have the opportunity to help individuals or their loved ones discover the transformative power of this place.

Jack Chambers (Case Manager)

Jack Chambers (Case Manager)

The slogan, “Inspire The Courage To Change,” resonates deeply with Jack, mirroring his own recovery journey. Jack’s battle with addiction began in 2018 when he was 19. For nearly five years, he was in and out of treatment, not fully understanding the true nature of his disease. It was only when he embraced the process and accepted the help he needed that his life began to transform. Starting out as a Behavioral Health Technician, Jack has now been a part of the Surf City Recovery team for nearly two years.

This experience has equipped him with invaluable skills and insights that he now uses to support others on their path to recovery. At SCR, Jack is passionate about helping clients find their strength and resilience.

Cassidi Palma (MFT Intern)

Cassidi Palma (MFT Intern)

Cassidi Palma is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern dedicated to providing compassionate and effective therapeutic services under the supervision of Clinical Director, Stefanie Cagampan. Currently pursuing a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy Degree, Cassidi brings a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to her practice. Cassidi’s educational foundation was laid at Long Beach State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications.

Cassidi is committed to continuous growth and learning, honing her skills to better serve her clients. She values creating a safe and supportive environment where individuals, couples, and families can explore their challenges, gain insight, and develop strategies for positive change. She believes in the importance of self-care and understands the significance of maintaining personal well-being to effectively support others.

Steve Myers

Steve Myers (Business Development)

Steve Myers worked in this industry for 9 years. He joined Surf City Recovery because of the passion and enthusiasm that our organization brings to inspiring and motivating clients to become the best version of themselves while having fun! In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, backpacking and running.

Gus (The Healing Hound)

Gus (The Healing Hound)

Gus is a charming dachshund puppy with a big heart and a special mission. As the newest member of the team at Surf City Recovery, Gus brings a unique and comforting presence to everyone he meets. With his shiny black and tan coat, floppy ears, and soulful brown eyes, Gus is as adorable as he is compassionate.

Despite his young age, Gus has a natural talent for lifting spirits and providing comfort. His days are filled with wagging his tail, offering gentle cuddles, and bringing smiles to the faces of residents and staff alike. Gus’s playful and affectionate nature helps create a warm and supportive environment, essential for the healing process.

Gus has a keen sense of empathy and seems to know just when someone needs a little extra love. Gus’s role at the rehab center goes beyond being a cute and cuddly companion. With his warm heart and wagging tail, Gus is more than just a puppy—he’s a beacon of hope and a source of strength for everyone at the rehab center.