How effective are Hydrocodone rehab centers?

An addiction to hydrocodone can be overwhelming. You may ask questions like how long will I have to stay, what type of services does a facility provide, or how much will it cost me?It will require some effort to find the best hydrocodone rehab and recovery facility, but if you take the time then you will get the care and attention you need to overcome your addiction. When you are aware of what to look for, you will have an easier time making a decision. When looking for a rehabilitation center for yourself or a loved one, keep in mind a few key points.Hydrocodone is a semi synthetic opium that is used to relieve pain in many people who have had surgery or who are experiencing serious pain. This drug can be a blessing to the person who needs immediate pain relief, but it can also be habit-forming. Someone who develops an addiction to hydrocodone may take more of the drug in order to feel its effects, find ways to take the drug even when not in pain, and might experience cravings for the drug.

Over 5 million Americans have admitted to taking painkillers for non-medical reasons within a single month in 2010, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. If you think that you or a loved one may be experiencing addiction to hydrocodone or other painkillers, hydrocodone rehab may be appropriate.

An addiction to hydrocodone may be difficult to notice, especially if the person has had surgery and has a legitimate reason to be on the medication. Someone may be addicted to hydrocodone if they are experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Itchiness
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy

In order to begin the healing process, you need to come to terms with the addiction and be honest with yourself. Addiction treatment in Orange County at Surf City Recovery is available for those with a hydrocodone addiction.

When deciding on an Orange County drug treatment facility, questions about the treatments each facility offers should be considered from detoxification to aftercare. Your decision should be influenced because certain services are necessary depending on the patient’s level of addiction. For example, withdrawal is an uncomfortable but necessary process that hydrocodone addicts will suffer through at the beginning of treatment. Withdrawal is the detoxification of the body from the medication and begins when the person learns to function without the effects of the drug. Irritability and night sweats are common withdrawal symptoms that addicts may experience. If an addict has been heavily abusing hydrocodone, they may have even more serious withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia or muscle aches. Those seeking painkiller addiction help should find a reputable hydrocodone rehab center, like Surf City Recovery, to being their detoxification.

How long do you stay in Hydrocodone rehab?

The Orange county drug treatment center at Surf City Recovery offers detoxification services with doctors and nurses on staff who help alleviate the symptoms experienced during hydrocodone rehab. An average stay at a drug treatment facility lasts 30 days, although someone dealing with a severe hydrocodone addiction may need a longer stay. Hydrocodone is a powerful drug that can be easily misused. Many times, an addict will overdose on hydrocodone. Signs to look for in an overdose include:

  • Clammy skin
  • Seizures
  • Excessive sweating
  • Difficulty breathing

Sometimes, treatment centers evaluate a patient at the beginning of their stay and assign a generic treatment plan. The best Orange County hydrocodone centers do not follow a generic treatment plan, but instead evaluate each patient’s needs as they progress. Changes are made after additional evaluations are made and the patient is measured on how well they are progressing. Adjusting medications, providing behavioral treatments geared to each individual and focusing on like skills after rehabilitation are modifications that need to be made.

Ask questions of the staff members. Find out if they are certified. You will want professionals on staff who know about the various methods that help addicts abstain from drug abuse and go on to live a healthy lifestyle, like those at Surf City Recovery. The professionals should also see addiction to hydrocodone as a disease. They should be familiar with mental health conditions that often accompany addictive behavior. However, the majority of the staff members in a hydrocodone rehab center should have a background in the treatment of addictions.

How expensive is hydrocodone rehab?

Inpatient treatment programs may not be covered by your insurance, so sorting through centers becomes all the more important. Call each center in advance to make sure they take your insurance, but be aware that unlike other traditional medical care facilities, many insurance companies do not cover drug rehabilitation centers. Insurance may cover some of the expenses, but the patient may be left with a majority of the charges. Check with the rehabilitation center for a payment plan or other options for repayment. Ask the rehabilitation center for payment plans that allows the patient to pay off the balance over time.

As temptations continue to grow, finding the right hydrocodone recovery center becomes more important. Hydrocodone is becoming more accessible and potent. This drug is part of the growing abuse of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Heading the list of the most abused drugs in the nation, hydrocodone is a potent and addictive painkiller that requires a reputable and successful treatment center to assist the addict in becoming sober.

Contact Surf City Recovery, an Orange County drug treatment center, today to begin your journey back to a life free of the chains of hydrocodone addiction. Our team of professional doctors and nurses can evaluate, assist, and monitor your hydrocodone detox while giving you the resources needed to live a life free of drugs.

Don’t let your painkiller become your lifeline.

Taking painkillers for bodily issues is a common occurrence. However, with more than 5 million Americans per year addicted to painkillers, this simple task has now become a nationwide addiction problem. Surf City Recovery offers intensive rehab treatment for pain medication addiction. Contact us today to find out more.