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Statistics suggest that the relapse rates for drug or alcohol addiction are around 40-60 percent. These numbers are quite similar to the relapse rates of chronic diseases like asthma and type I diabetes. Although relapse is common in the process of drug rehab, there are several ways that can avoid it. In this article, we shall be discussing a few tips to avoid relapse.

Get enough sleep

Insomnia and other sleep issues are very common when you are into some drug addiction and are very probable withdrawal symptoms. These can also cause a relapse. If you get healthy sleep, it will help the brain to heal and function in a better and relaxed way. You will be able to think straight and positive.

Eat a healthy and a nutritious diet

When you are in a drug or alcohol addiction, it is quite normal that these substances drain away the essential nutrients from your body. Besides taking away the vitamins and minerals, it also leaves your body dehydrated. Therefore, it is necessary for you to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, and minerals like calcium, potassium, etc. Along with that, you also must intake a lot of water to hydrate your body. Indulging into a healthy diet routine will keep your body fresh and energized; reduce cravings and thus a relapse too.

Exercise regularly

It is seen that when you exercise on a regular basis, you not only achieve physical fitness but also gain clarity of mind. The exercise here not only refers to strenuous or heavy exercise. But, mild or moderate exercise like hiking, walking, swimming, etc. are enough to keep you physically and mentally fit. Feel-good chemicals like endorphins are also generated in your body after a moderate exercise. And therefore it is the best way to stay happy without using drugs or alcohol.

Join a support group

Support groups help you to connect with others who have either recovered from drug treatment or are in a recovery process. These people can understand addiction and recovery in a much better way and can, therefore, be a great help. These groups not only provide support and encouragement but also offer different tools to prevent relapse.

Engage in aftercare programs

Most of the drug rehab programs provide with aftercare services and programs that offer tools to prevent relapse. These tools are in the form of educational programs, vocational training, stress management classes, guided group sessions, and training on life skills. You must engage in these aftercare programs even if you have completely recovered from your addiction.

Take part in mindfulness meditation

You must take part in mindfulness meditation after drug recovery. This will make you more aware of the reactions in your physical body that can make you behave in a certain way. Participating in a mindfulness meditation program often leads to a rewiring of the brain system and help to change the negative thought patterns into positive ones. You will be able to manage stress, anxiety, depression, as well as cravings and thus avoid relapse.