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One of the most effective ways to treat AUD (alcohol use disorder) is an outpatient alcohol rehab program. Individuals who want to undergo a detox, but do not want any interference in their daily life responsibilities including their job, family obligations, etc often opt for this program.

Different kind of services like medication detox, counseling sessions, various therapies, and support groups are involved in an outpatient alcohol rehab program. It is suggested that you should opt for a comprehensive treatment plan for treating the complete you in place of just the disorder. With this plan, you can achieve long-term sobriety and overcome any potential triggers.

Types of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

The outpatient alcohol rehab program is offered by various rehab centers. However, you must opt for the one that your physician suggests. Depending on the situations and your particular requirements, you can also start your recovery journey with one of the programs and shift to another as needed.

Day Treatment

As the name suggests, in this type of program you will just be attending the rehab during the day and can go back to your home by evening and stay with your family. However, you are required to continuously attend the program for 5 to 7 days a week. You have the option of participating in either full-day or half-day programs. The schedule of a day treatment is quite structured. It includes various things like medical detox, different therapies, support groups, counseling, and others.

This program may last for just a few weeks or may take a bit longer depending on the condition of the individual participant.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Although the day treatments are quite a supple treatment option for all those who want to deliberately quit alcohol, the intensive outpatient program is even more flexible. Such programs generally have no fixed meeting timings and you have the opportunity to schedule it around your obligations. Hence, this kind of program is usually considered by people who have work commitments and family duties.

Initially, in this kind of program, you are required to attend the meetings that are frequently held. And after some time when you will achieve various recovery goals, the meetings are held less often.

Continuing Care Groups

These programs are generally the final step of most of the recovery programs. In such a group, you can discuss the various accomplishments and challenges that you may encounter to maintain your sobriety. The timing of these group meetings is decided by the group members and covers certain recovery topics.

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