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The chemical dependency on the drug or substance in drug addiction is one of the major side effects. In order to maintain the balance within the central nervous system (CNS), the brain literally depends on the chemical that is brought upon by the substance. And this is why the brain does not actually work the way it did once. When the drug addict suddenly stops taking drugs, then drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms often kick in.

Often both physical and psychological symptoms are included in the withdrawal. Some of those can even be life-threatening. And therefore, proper care and support are required during that period of detoxification. To put detox in words, it is a natural process where the toxins and every residue of substance are removed from the body. There is also a medical detox process where several prescription medicines are required to ease out the symptoms of withdrawal.

Factors Influencing Detoxification Time

There is no specific duration for which the drug detoxification process will last. However, there are many factors influencing the time period of detoxification including:

  • Polydrug Abuse: when more than a single dug is used, it can extend the withdrawal timeline.
  • Level of Dependence: when a good amount of drugs have been in use for long, the detox period will also last longer with severe symptoms.
  • Co-occurring Medical or Mental Health Conditions: if the addict suffers from other medical or mental health issues because of drug abuse, it often prolongs the detoxification process.
  • The Type of Detoxification Program: it again depends on what are the needs of the addict and what kind of detox program he/she opts for.

In general, detoxification process may last for a time period of 5 to 10 days, but it completely depends on the specific circumstances of the addict.

Drug Detoxification Programs

There are two main kinds of drug detoxification programs including an inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. In an outpatient detoxification program, the patient may come to the facility, attend the session and then leave to his home after that. Whereas, in an inpatient detoxification program, the patient has to stay in the facility for as long as the detoxifying session lasts.

An outpatient detoxification program is best for those suffering from mild to moderate detox symptoms. The addict can schedule the program according to his specific needs. This detoxification program is often beneficial when the individual has strong support back home with a family ready to help him to remain compliant.

An inpatient detoxification program or residential detox program can last for a total of 10 days, depending on the individual requirements and circumstances. In this type of detoxification program, the drug addict stays in the medical facility until the program lasts. He is under continuous observation of doctors and medical staff. These types of drug detox programs are great for patients who have been suffering from substance abuse for long and can face severe withdrawal symptoms.

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