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Drug addiction usually starts with using it casually during a social gathering. It then becomes a habit slowly, which leads to drug abuse or addiction. The drug addiction then begins to impact the daily life and well-being of the addict negatively. It causes physical or mental health issues, difficulties at work, problems in relationships, and issues with the law, among others. According to studies, around 50 percent of Americans have a person in their family or friends who suffers from drug abuse.

But now, an addict can completely recover and stay sober after treatment. A thorough knowledge of drug abuse will help you heal yourself or a loved one. Check out this article to educate yourself on addiction and its treatment.

What is Drug Abuse?

While casual drug use refers to casually using drugs, drug abuse can be called a disease where drug use becomes a habit. It harms the daily life and well-being of an individual. In a drug abuse or addiction, the individual has uncontrollable urges to use licit or illicit substances. The addictive nature of many of these substances leads the body of the individual to start craving high doses of those drugs.

When Casual Drug Use Becomes an Addiction

If you are a casual drug user, one of the questions you might have in mind is whether you are an addict to that particular drug. Well, your health professional can answer this after analyzing your situation.

However, a few below-mentioned things can let you know if your drug-using habit is casual or an addiction.

  • If you have urges to use drugs and cannot control them, your drug-using habit is certainly not casual.
  • If you use a drug several times a week or day, your drug-using habit is not casual.
  • If a particular drug lingers and you cannot stop thinking about getting and using it again, your drug use is not casual.
  • To know if you suffer from drug addiction, try to stay away from it for three weeks. If you cannot, it means you need treatment.

What happens in the treatment of drug abuse?

Drug addiction poses serious health problems that make the treatment essential. The first step in treatment is psychotherapy which happens in a group or a one-on-one session. This type of talk therapy is effective in treating mild addiction. But, it isn’t enough to cure severe addiction. It works wonders combined with medicinal treatment, which blocks certain neurotransmitters and reduces cravings.

If you wish to recover from a severe addiction, you must live in recovery housing after getting medicinal treatment for at least two months. It offers a sober environment with professionals helping you to prepare for society.

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