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Detoxification, abbreviated as detox, is the initial step in an alcohol and drug rehab program, which usually last for several days or even weeks. This difference in the time span is usually because some of these programs are created to last only for the most acute phase of the detox process, and others may be designed to last longer.

The process of detoxification is just the starting phase of the drug addiction recovery treatment. A thorough treatment following detox is important to avoid relapse. Studies suggest that detox is though not sufficient for drug recovery treatment, but is essential to help a person recover completely from the addiction. Although one can experience unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal as well as strong cravings during the detox process, there are many treatment options available that can help to overcome these.

Key Components of Safe and Effective Drug Detox

  • As said earlier, the process of detoxification is not enough for the addiction recovery. It needs to be followed by various other treatment substances that include medications and therapies for attaining complete sobriety. The main goal of this process is to let the person enter and continue being submissive to their drug and alcohol addiction.
  • The detoxification procedure involves three major things including, calculating the requirements and needs of the participants of the detox program, maintaining their health and wellbeing by helping and assisting them to combat their withdrawal symptoms, and also encouraging as well as guiding them to enter the recovery treatment and remain there throughout the program.
  • There is no specific kind of detox that will be fit for all. It can be processed under various types of setting, using different methods and models. Depending on the needs and requirements of the individual, the best type of detox process is given to him. Cultural diversity and personal beliefs are also taken into consideration when choosing a specific type of detox process for the individual.

People who are dependent, or better said addicted to any kind of drug and alcohol, and go for a detox treatment, they will very likely have to face withdrawal. It is a central feature of detox and can be defined as the time period where the body adjusts to the deficiency of the particular drug they have been addicted to.

Typically, an average detox process for any of the substance abuse lasts for duration of 5 days or a week. There are a few processes that may last for several weeks or even months. Most of these are easily manageable and improve with time. It may take a few days or weeks for curing symptoms like muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, etc., while psychological symptoms like depression or anxiety may take months to get cured.

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