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When someone is looking for a drug rehab program, selecting from an inpatient/residential rehab and an outpatient rehab is the initial decision one has to make. A residential rehab program is not suitable for everybody. Therefore, you can choose one from an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), or a Partial Hospitalization Program, (PHP), or Full-Day Outpatient Treatment for your alcoholism.  Here are some of the reasons for opting one of these outpatient rehab options.

You don’t have to leave your job

When you are participating in an outpatient rehab program, you will not have to leave your job for getting free from your drug addiction. Simply sign in for an IOP program and you have the flexibility to adjust to the morning or evening sessions. An IOP makes it easy for most employers to adjust to your specific requirements.

Equivalent to residential rehab

You can participate in a PHP for 2-4 weeks to stabilize your drug recovery and also any other medical condition that may have occurred because of the detox process. You may then step down to an IOP program option to complete the recovery. This will be quite equivalent to a residential rehab.

You can stay back home

Whether you are taking up an IOP program or participating in a PHP, one of the advantages of the outpatient rehab program is that you can go back home every night. Thus, you can easily fulfill your family duties and spend time with them while in a detox process.

You can get aid for other medical ailments

When you choose the best outpatient rehab facility to treat your addiction, they also will provide aid for treating any co-occurring mental illness like anxiety, depression and such others. They usually have a team of best psychiatrists, and licensed medical practitioners, along with trained and experienced nursing staff to help you in every way possible.

You are given medications to reduce cravings

When you choose the best outpatient rehab facility, you will undergo a gold standard of addiction treatment. In this, along with behavioral therapy/counseling, FDA-approved medications are also given to ease and reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

You can learn sobriety supporting skills

At an outpatient rehab facility, you can for sure attain recovery from your drug and alcohol addiction. Along with that, you can also learn new skills and habits that support a substance-free lifestyle.

You can prevent relapse and maintain sobriety

You return to your home every day after attending the sessions in an outpatient rehab program. Because of this, you can apply the skills that you learn in your daily life and get feedback from your counselor who can give you better guidance in avoiding relapse.  This will also aid you in preventing relapse in the future and maintain sobriety.

You can resolve family issues

Most of the good outpatient rehab programs offer counseling and therapies for couples as well as families. These help in resolving family conflicts that could have lead to drug abuse.

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