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A majority of people in the US go to a drug rehab center every year. Although many of the find it beneficial in living a sober life, but there are also many who relapse after returning from the rehab. You can find several drug rehab centers in Orange County that claims to be the best in town. And that can be really confusing for you in selecting the real good one. Having some knowledge about what to look for in the drug rehab can save your time, money and of course heartbreak. So, here in this article, we shall be discussing a few questions that you must ask a drug rehab facility, in order to choose the real best one.

What results can be expected from the drug rehab program?

The results that a drug rehab program produces differ from person to person. A program can be successful for a person if he/she attends every meeting and continue to take the prescribed medication. Some programs may also be considered to be successful if the person who attends it do not relapse and experience better relations in family, work and various other issues that led to drug abuse.

Ask for the success rate of the drug rehab program from the facility, discuss with your family and then carefully choose one.

What is the time span of a drug rehab program?

Usually, a drug rehab program lasts for a period for a month. This time may not be enough for many people to achieve sobriety. This is because drug abuse often leads to mental, physical and emotional damage. The healing can take time, maybe more than a month. Therefore, you must know the time span of the drug rehab program and what all does it treat during that time.

Is the person who is addicted to the drug, substituted by another drug during the treatment?

Various prescription medicines like methadone or buprenorphine are given to the person who is recovering from heroin or opioid addiction. This type of program does not aim to create sobriety but minimize the harmful effects of addictive drugs. Such a program might not be useful as you are just shifting your drug abuse from opioids to prescription drugs.

In some programs, you also are provided with certain drugs like Antabuse that will make you feel sick if you drink. But, there are several side effects of this drug, which can be severe and even lead to fatal liver problems. And you might not require any of such drugs during your recovery journey. Therefore, you must always ask what kind of prescription drugs are used in the detox program and why.

Does the program make use of any methods that help in avoiding drug cravings?

When you are in the addiction recovery process, you will certainly have to deal with severe cravings. In place of any direct method, prescription medicine is given to chemically suppress drug cravings in some drug rehab programs. Many also provide support meeting and group counseling that help to manage cravings.

Many programs make use of nutritional, detoxification and various other techniques that can effectively alleviate cravings.