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If you have decided to quit drinking, then you must be aware that this decision is definitely not as simple as it may seem. People who drink frequently may experience mildly uncomfortable to severe to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. This is the reason why you must consult a medical expert before abandoning alcohol. Whether you do not drink that heavily, you still are bound to experience withdrawal symptoms of some of the other kind. Since your response to the withdrawal symptoms cannot be predicted, it is therefore better to undergo supervised alcohol detox at a good alcohol rehab facility. You will be given medical attention as well as the supervision required to ease the alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you take professional alcohol detox.

There are lots of alcohol withdrawal symptoms that you can experience when you decide to quit alcohol. The psychological symptoms include nervousness, general irritability, depression, mood swings, and nightmares. Along with these symptoms, you may also experience sweating, vomiting nausea, loss of appetite and other such physical symptoms. Some patients also experience fatal symptoms like delirium tremens or DT’s. Shaking and convulsions are the characteristics of DT. If a person experiences DT, then often immediate medical attention is recommended.

Medicines recommended during Alcohol Detox Programs

  • You will be prescribed to take Chlordiazepoxide when undergoing a medical detox procedure. Initially, a high dose of this medicine is prescribed, which is gradually lessened every week of the detox procedure.
  • Xanax is another medication that makes the detox process easy.

Since alcohol detoxification is a traumatic procedure, you must seek the help of expert professionals. This is especially a necessary recommendation for all those who have been drinking huge amounts of alcohol for a very long time. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be present in such people for as long as 2 months or more after the treatment. According to experts, the time span of an alcohol detox directly depends on the time span for which the person has been drinking. It also depends on the quantity of alcohol consumption.

Of course, alcohol detox is certainly a hard fight for every person undertaking the procedure. The results of the detox procedure vary from person to person depending upon the individual situation. However, you must always take the advice of a medical specialist, who can guide you through the procedure and also monitor your developments during the process.

Many of alcohol detox programs also include follow-up procedures that help you to refrain from alcohol. It is also necessary after detox as it will be a hard job for your mind to leave alcohol detox experience. A follow-up program will provide you with much-needed support to maintain your sobriety.

Surf City Recovery is one of the best alcohol detox centers in Orange County. You are offered various types of alcohol detox programs in this center to ease out alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  A safe, knowledgeable and positive environment is provided in the facility, which ensures a better life. Moreover, the facility employs qualified and experienced staff to help you quitting alcohol smoothly.