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Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a condition which arises when your alcohol consumption starts causing distress and becomes problematic. Every single person suffering from AUD has different needs and requirements. One may become dependent on alcohol and show withdrawal symptoms (mild or severe) when he suddenly stops drinking, which shows uncomfortable and dangerous effects on the body. Hence, alcohol detox becomes the utmost requirement in such a case. In this article, we shall be discussing a few must know things about alcohol detox and rehab programs.

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Detox is a cleansing process, which washes out every residue of alcohol from the body of the alcohol addict. It actually is the initial step of every drug rehab program and helps people who have become dependent on alcohol.

When an alcohol addict suddenly stops drinking, he/she may develop withdrawal symptoms within 6 to 24 hours of his/her last drink. These withdrawal symptoms range from mild to strong and life-threatening. These symptoms include anxiety, depression, delirium tremens that cause restlessness, confusion, hallucinations, and seizures, unstable heartbeat and blood pressure, sleeping problems, and various others of the kind.

Is participating in an alcohol detox program necessary?

The process of detox isn’t only about having the willpower to stop taking alcohol. Your willpower is a necessary tool, but at the same time, prescription medicine is also required to ease the symptoms. Participating in an alcohol detox program will also include guiding and caring for your medical and mental health condition as well. Therefore, you must participate in an alcohol detox program if you want to get rid of alcohol completely.

What to expect during Alcohol Detox?

Following things can be expected during a detox:

  • You will have to undergo an intake examination, so that the kind of support, which will work best for you, can be opted by the detox team. A blood test can also be done to check your physical and mental health and see if the body is detoxified of alcohol.
  • You will get detox support that often includes prescription medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms and also for other related medical conditions.  The aim of this detox support is to provide physical and mental stability. In this process, your heart rate, blood pressure is monitored.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Programs

There are two major types of alcohol rehab programs:

Inpatient: In this type of rehab program you are required to live in the center during the entire process. 24-hour care and support are provided in an inpatient program. Because this program offers a lot of services to help you get an alcohol free life, it usually is costly.

Outpatient: In this, you don’t have to stay back in the rehab center. Just attend the sessions during the day time and return to your home after that. This kind of program is flexible and cost effective too.

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