How Can Family Members Help During the Recovery Process?

Family members and friends of those who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol face the difficult task of helping their loved one seek proper alcohol rehab in Orange County. In some cases, the family can actually be enabling the addict because they do not know how to properly address the issue of addiction therapy. This type of enabling typically involves the family ignoring the problem out of fear of pushing their addicted loved one away. While this is a legitimate concern, addicts must seek substance abuse treatment to overcome their addiction.

There are several key steps you can take throughout the recovery process to help your loved one:

  • Prior to Treatment – You will find that the best way to approach any family involvement with addiction therapy differs from person to person. Surf City Recovery offers the help of counselors who are trained in the intervention and treatment of those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. These counselors can also help support the family by mediating during the intervention process. This will help the family offer a private and non-confrontational talk with the addict to encourage them to seek treatment.
  • During Treatment – After a successful intervention, the addicted individual will likely be compelled to enter an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Surf City Recovery offers several options that can be individualized to help each patient
    succeed. If your loved one chooses an outpatient addiction therapy program, they will not be separated from you as they would be in an inpatient program. This means that they can attend sessions in a facility that is close to home while still living their daily lives. If the patient needs inpatient residential care, they will undergo an intensive 28- to 30-day detoxification and recovery program where they will be immersed in the recovery process.

Family involvement is important in both in- and outpatient addiction therapy programs. These types of programs often encourage frequent interaction with family and friends who visit or live with the patient. Addiction therapy is heavily supported by positive and frequent family interactions and involvement. The familial support a patient receives when recovering from addiction is often essential to their success. Surf City Recovery offers visitation as well as provides educational programs for family members, such as workshops on supportive recovery and family involvement. Inpatient care also benefits family members who need to take a break and build a healthy environment for their loved one to return to after addiction therapy.

  • After Treatment – Once the family member has completed therapy, the family will likely still struggle with the effects of their drug and/or alcohol addiction. It is encouraged that families attend support meetings on a regular basis so they can receive support and education.

Because alcohol and/or drug addiction is considered a “family disease,” family involvement is paramount when combating addiction. This will usually require attendance at meetings and addiction therapy session. These meetings will help you and your family understand the addiction as well as how to support your loved one in their journey to sobriety. You will also receive support for your own emotions during this incredibly trying and highly stressful time. By continuing meetings, your loved one’s friends and family can continue to remove themselves from the destructive cycle of enabling and codependency.

Does Surf City Recovery Offer Support for Families?

Yes! Surf City Recovery is here to help both those suffering from addiction as well as their families and loved ones. We are happy to provide family and friends with information of support meetings that are dedicated to providing support to family and friends of those suffering from addiction. These special meetings will address topics like:

1. Helping your addicted loved one seek assistance for his or her addiction
2. Addressing your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction
3. Building up your family through the addiction recovery process
4. Supporting yourself and your addicted loved one throughout the entire recovery process

If you have a loved one who is undergoing drug rehab in Orange County and you need support during and after the treatment program, Surf City Recovery can help you with resources, information and support.