Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America

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Drugs have become a large debate within our country, and due to the presidential election, the prevalence of this issue has only increased. It is important to understand every candidate’s views to be able to have an educated opinion within this election in order to cast your vote this November.

Bernie Sanders

Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America 1

Bernie Sanders has actively expressed that the “war on drugs” is not doing what it should be, and a lot of work needs to be done to get things back on track. Sanders believes that nonviolent offenders should be given affordable treatment rather than incarceration.

He supports medical marijuana and its medicinal properties, and he also supports the legalization of recreational marijuana. He believes that it is the right of the states to opt for full legalization. He also reflects on the heroin abuse that is present and the lack of infrastructure and resources for proper treatment in the United States.

Watch this video for more information on Bernie Sander’s viewpoints.

Ted Cruz

Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America 2

Ted Cruz is on record for saying that he respects the authority of the states, even if he does not agree with them. So, as he is personally against the legalization of marijuana, he believes that the states should have the power to choose for themselves.

Cruz also contributes the overcrowding in Federal prisons to the increase in incarceration for drug crimes, and he says it is not clear if this had enough of an effect on property and violent crimes to justify the sudden increase. He believes that congress should take steps to give judges more flexibility in sentencing based on unique circumstances of each case.

John Kasich

Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America 3

John Kasich is strongly against the legalization of marijuana. He claims that legalizing it would only be telling kids that it is okay to smoke. Kasich says he has spent five years working to reign in the problem of overdoses.

He would also treat individuals who are addicted to drugs rather than incarcerate them. Kasich also voted to pass a bill that prohibits implementing an approved ballot initiative to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana for the District of Columbia.

For a full view of his stance, watch this video.

Hillary Clinton

Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America 4

Hillary Clinton promises to support research that would work toward legalizing the use of recreational marijuana.

She also would like to allow nonviolent offenders, who stay clean, the opportunity to stay out of prison. She would like to put more officers on the streets, have new support for specialized drug courts, and juvenile programs as well to help regulate the problem.

Watch this video for more details about Hilary Clinton’s stance.

Donald Trump

Where Each Presidential Candidate Stands on Drugs in America 5

Donald Trump believes the issue of legalizing marijuana should be a state-by-state decision. He believes medical marijuana should be legalized, but, past that, it should not be a Federal decision.

Personally, Trump is opposed to the legalization of recreational use. His idea, that it is up to the states, is wildly due to his belief that this legislation is not going well in Colorado, so maybe other states won’t be interested.


Hopefully, these helped you understand each candidate’s stances a little better. As big as this issue has become, being able to fully go into voting knowing exactly what opinions are out there will truly benefit everyone.



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