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Want To Convince An Addict To Seek Help?

By August 23, 2016 No Comments

Follow These Steps
1. Arrange A Family Intervention
This is when family members and an interventionist get together with the addict to tell them how they love them and wish that they get help to get better.
Each family member takes a turn and tells the person how special they are and that they need to get help.
2. Talk To Them About Consequences
You can consult an addiction expert and ask them to talk with addict about all the dire consequences of addiction.
3. Find Out Why They Don’t Want To Quit
The goal is to convince the person to get help or they will suffer, and eventually their life will slowly come to an end.
Go past the random excuses and continue to engage the addict to get the main reasons why they refuse to get help. It might take a couple of tries but listen to what they say.Once you get the answers, write them down and try to talk through them.
4. Seek Outside Help
Try to find a professional or even a former addict who has “Been There” to talk to the person.
The goal is to try to reason and talk with the person so they can get professional help.
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