Things You Need to Know About Detox

Rehab is more than just the detox

Most of the people ignore the fact that a detox in not a complete rehab. It’s more than that. Usually, the detox phase is followed by withdrawal symptoms, behavioral changes and much more that cannot be dealt without the help of professionals. Therefore, in a rehab the detox is followed by various therapeutic sessions, group counseling and further sessions like them.

It does not take as much time as you think

It is a common misconception that the detox is the toughest and most time taking part of the detox. It is in fact not very true. Detox can be the toughest phase of the rehab, but it is definitely not the most time taking. Detox doesn’t take more than 3 – 5 days to complete.

Detox can never be skipped

Although, it is not very time taking it must NEVER be skipped during a rehab. It is the first and most important part of the rehab that detoxifies the body from all the addictive elements. Thus, must never be skipped.

Detox services are available even outside of the rehab

It is another misconception carried out by most of the people that a detox can be achieved only if you join a rehab. Detox services are provided by many other centers as well. This means that an addict receives solo detox without the therapeutic sessions or counseling. However, it is not recommended by the rehab experts to join a solo detox.

Withdrawal symptoms are very common after the detox

If an addict is suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the detox, he must understand that such feelings are very common after the rehab. Nothing unusual is happening to him and such withdrawal symptoms are easily overcame through medications and therapies of different types.

NEVER do this on your own or alone

A rehab must never be dealt with, alone. The presence of a professional is necessary to carry out the detox.

It may take more than one try

While you are on your way to recovery and stuck in the detox phase, you really need to understand that it is also quite probable that a detox in the first try doesn’t work. Two or three or even more times can be needed depending upon the severity of the drug addiction. The one and the only thing you need to do at that time is to never lose hope.

Successful detox is a successful recovery

In the end, the addict must know that although the detox isn’t a complete rehab still, it is the most of. Once you have successfully completed the detox phase, optimal chances are that the recovery is also successful. Your are then, leading your way towards the path of recovery which in turn leads to new prosperity and healthy happier life.

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