How To Spot Addiction Behavior

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Drug, alcohol and opiate addiction may manifest differently, but certain signs and symptoms are common among all these addictions.

Addicts believe that they are really good at hiding their habits from others around them. But there are some obvious stand-out signs and symptoms of an addiction. And once you start to observe, these become noticeable very easily.

Here are a few signs you may be looking for in a loved one who might be drug, alcohol or opiate addict.

Dramatic and Unpredictable Mood Swings

As the body becomes dependent on a substance, it starts to reflect on their manner and behavior. If they haven’t had their fix in a while, you might see irritability, fatigue, anxiety in their behavior. On the other hand, you will also see them being extraordinarily happy or ecstatic when there is obviously no reason to be so blissful.

Observing such behavior may be confusing at first. But these extreme mood swings are a clear indication of a hidden addiction.

Unexpected Disappearances That Become Regular

Does your loved one/friend often disappear for “bathroom breaks”? Do they regularly excuse themselves from social situations and prefer to perhaps they want to rest alone after a hard day, or take long trips outside home in guise of exercising or walking for awhile.

If the disappearances become regular and habitual, it is time to find out if they are secluding themselves only to feed their growing addiction.

Lack of Personal Grooming

Taking a bath and looking presentable takes a backseat on their list of priorities. Addicts need their next fix; it consumes them and becomes their only ambition in life. This change in behavior is accompanied by a gradual decline in general health of the addict.

Lack of personal hygiene is accompanied by weight loss, a gaunt, malnourished look, etc.

Failure to Fulfill Their Responsibilities

Work appointments, personal obligations, even hobbies and habits are all forgotten. Addicts can genuinely forget their obligations, but some simply won’t be bothered with them. All the promises simply dissipate into nothingness when these addicts are busy getting high. And unfortunately, they don’t have much remorse or regret to show for it.

All in all, addicts usually don’t realize what effect their disease is having on their friends and loved ones. If you see someone close to you displaying these behaviors, get them help and get it fast! Failure to do anything will lead to stronger addiction and may even put their life at risk. An intervention can help them confront their painful behavior while also offering them the help they need.

If you are planning an intervention, Surf City Recovery can offer you the necessary resources guidance as well as an experienced interventionist to ensure the success of your interventions. Call us today at 714.841.3863 for more information.

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