How To Resist The Pressure To Drink At Social Gatherings

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You might have solid resolve to never indulge in alcohol again, but it can be hard to say no to the sincere host who just wants to have an awesome party. A lot of times a simple ‘no thank you’ works pretty well; other times, it leads to awkward looks, and sometimes others who want you to join in for a drink start feeling judged by your resolve to not drink ever.

So what’s a gracious guest to do? Hold on to the resolve, of course!

Regardless of how many times you’ve informed them, some people want to know why you can’t ‘have just one’, and they’ll continue to ask in hopes that there will be a time when you will say, ‘I’ll take that drink!’

Here are a few tips to help you hold on steady to the commitment to your health and safety.

Distinguish the Type of Pressure You Are Feeling

Direct pressure is when you are offered to drink with a bottle point-blank in your face. Do you say yes and suffer? Or do you say no and risk the dynamics in the room?

On the other hand, indirect pressure is when you are around others who are drinking and just want to be accepted as one of them. You were never offered a drink though!

Take a moment to think about the situation and if the temptation seems big enough, remove yourself immediately.

Entirely Avoid Peer Pressure

It’s a good idea to say an outright ‘No, Thank you’ to crazy office parties, wedding receptions, and friendly get-togethers where booze flows freely. And if anyone makes you feel at fault about saying no, remind them, and yourself, that it’s not forever!

As you develop the self-assurance and resistance to easily be around alcoholic beverages without feeling the need to take a sip, you will be good to go. In the meantime, get together with friends and family for activities that do not involve drinking.

Manage Unavoidable Circumstances like a Pro

Anyone offering you a drink may not know that you are trying to give up alcohol. Politely decline. And if they persist, try the broken record strategy. This means simply repeating your response, over and over again till it becomes a reality with them.

Acknowledge their responses and repeat to what you said previously. It usually gets the message across loud and clear.

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