What is Involved in Treatment in our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center?

Surf City Recovery offers several treatment program options including:

  • 30 Day Treatment Program – This short term option is perfect for those who are seeking a comprehensive treatment for addiction but who have time constraints. Our highly experienced team will collaborate with you to accurately assess your individual needs when choosing the right type of program, such as Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient Programming. With Surf City Recovery’s 30 Day Treatment Program, you will become an active participant in your own recovery and work with our team to produce the desired results that will change your life.
  • 60 Day Treatment Program – This popular option will give you more time to complete drug rehab in Huntington Beach and progress further in the 12-step program before transitioning. This specialized treatment program includes a blending of methodologies that will addresses your addiction and any disorders simultaneously for optimum rehabilitation success. Our licensed physicians will evaluate you and provide you with an integrated approach of psychotherapy and medication management to address any issues at the same time. This will enable you to achieve a sober life more quickly.
  • 90 Day Treatment Program – This is our most desirable program because it gives each patient the time they need to pace themselves and ultimately reach recovery.

Once you have completed your chosen program, you can continue treatment in an outpatient program. This will offer you a transition between the intense support and your life outside the center. Our team will help you focus on self-advocacy and reintegration into your daily life and local community.

What Types of Addiction and Issues Are Treated at Surf City Recovery?

If you are suffering from addiction or other issue, the team at Surf City Recovery is here to help. We have extensive experience aiding those who are suffering from:

  • Relational Conflicts
  • Anxiety
  • Depressed Mood
  • Suicidal Thoughts or Actions
  • Anger
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Vocational Problems

As a member of our PHP, you can continue to participate in all program activities from morning to evening, five days a week. You also gain the added benefit of living off-campus at home or in a sober-living transitional facility. During this special phase of your treatment you will learn new ways to overcome the roadblocks and obstacles of daily life that trigger relapse. You will also continue to receive the support and direction of our trusted treatment team.

Who Helps Me with My Rehabilitation at Surf City Recovery?

Surf City Recover offers licensed therapists with specialties in addiction. They will provide you with individual therapy and group therapy sessions. They will help you identify repetitive patterns and negative thinking that can be replaced with clearer perspectives and positive thinking for greater success at a sober life.

Another important key to successful recovery is healing your physical body. Surf City Recovery offers the help of a nutritionist who will work with you to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies you could be suffering from. With their assistance you can develop healthy eating habits for the full healing of your body and future well-being.

Do You Offer an Aftercare Program?

Yes! Surf City Recovery provides access to an aftercare program that offers comprehensive and holistic 24/7 recovery support, sober living, small group interactions, detection of relapse behaviors. You have the option of joining two online group sessions each week. These sessions last about an hour and include trusted friends from your rehabilitation period. These groups also offer continuity and a more gentle immersion back into your daily life in the “real world.” The meetings focus on issues that are specifically associated with your sobriety in daily life. The program also offers intense accountability and monitoring. If you are facing addiction and need help, the team at Surf City Recovery can offer you options that are customizable to suit your specific needs and life.